Epic Story



Epic is an information technology company that is devoted to social responsibility. Epic seeks to professionally develop promising local talent in order to strengthen the eligible expertise of the region while innovating solutions which accomplish the unique goals of local, national and international businesses and organizations in a socially responsibly matter.

The Future of Epic

The future of Epic is bound for greatness. Their unsurpassed dedication to innovative ideas has brought them to a new frontier of Information Technology. They are developing software that will revolutionize how industries use technology to do business and will take their practical conceptions beyond Flint. Epic has already developed software which will revolutionize how vendors in farmers’ markets across the country accept payment.

Epic Technology Solutions will never cease to be an ethically responsible company committed to cultivating professional growth and providing its clients with innovative, practical solutions. Epic will continue to enhance the technological infrastructure wherever the future takes it and serve as an industry standard for information technology services.