MedInfo Android Application

MedInfo Android Application

My Epic Idea is easily accessible information that helps people

When Eric Knific given his capstone project during his last year at the University of Michigan-Flint they wanted to make something great. He wanted an application that had never been done before and that could help change something for the better. Eric chose the MedInfo project because he recognized the potential to improve upon the way emergency personnel access vital medical information.

The Android Application is meant to be used by the elderly or individuals that have high health risks. The app combines life alert with patient information. The application works as a database that stores prescription information, emergency contact information, doctor contact information including a Google Map of the office and any other vital information such as allergies or medical history. One unique feature of the app is it allows the doctor to see the last location of the patient when they used the application.

This feature could provide valuable environmental information when trying to diagnose an ailment. Along with patient information and a patient locator the application was planned to act as a personal aid. It was originally designed to provide reminders about when to take medicine and when it needs to be refilled. The last key feature that the application was meant to perform was a life alert feature which would allow someone in distress to call for help with the push of a button or even a verbal command. While this application is not in use, it could represent the future of patient information networks.

Epic is a stronger company with Eric as one of the company’s network architects and programmers, in addition to being cofounder.
MEDInfo can provide knowledge that saves lives. Contact us to find out how it can help you.