RFID Smart Debit System

RFID Smart Debit System

My Epic Idea is a smart RFID Debit System

Paul Knific and his Epic team had a vision of a system that would give children an easy way to play video arcade games and parents ease of mind about what their children were playing. This was realized in their RFID Smart Debit System. Epic wanted this system to be a wireless solution so that no money had to be entered and no card swiped. They never imagined that four years later major credit card companies would be looking to develop a similar system. Paul envisioned a system which works in a similar way to that how of these new credit cards might.

Epic’s Smart Debit System would remove the need to carry cash and would only work with a corresponding identifying number, thus dissuading thieves. The system would also provide a secure network to prevent hackers from stealing any confidential information and accessing customer accounts. In addition to eliminating cash and stopping any intrusion into the system, the RFID system also provides a level of control by making it a customizable system. Parents could choose what games their children were allowed to play and didn’t have to worry about losing money in the form of paper and coins or plastic.

For the customer, this system is meant to be the height of convenience. The customer initializes the sale by pressing a button. The card machine then uses Near Field Communication to make the connection to the card in the customer’s wallet, who then must input a unique identifier. The transaction is made without ever needing to touch the card. This payment system may become the system of the future and it is a system that the founder of Epic had envisioned years before its becoming reality.

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