The Epic Life

At Epic, we believe in taking care of our employees and showing appreciation for them whenever and wherever we can. As a part of the University of Michigan-Flint Innovation Incubator, our company’s employees enjoy amenities that provide Epic with a Live/Work Space environment. As part of the Innovation Incubator, Epic and its employees have access to fitness and wellness rooms with exercise equipment as well as massage chairs for relaxation. There is also an on premise cafe and the building is conveniently located near downtown Flint and its variety of restaurants.

Epic also believes strongly in team building through special events and activities for its employees. Each month the Epic team engages in group activities such as sporting event road trips, laser tag, pinball tournaments and more. Epic wants every member of their team to feel worth and know that they are recognized. Being chosen to be a part of this elite team comes with recognition and gratitude. Are you ready for the Epic Life?